Thursday, July 13, 2006


Small Business Loans

One important step to restoring the Gulf Region back to its previous position is to get small businesses up and running. Small Businesses make up over 70 % of the total business nation wide and are a vital part of our national economy. Small Business recovery is a necessary step to reviving the regional infrastructure and to restore the lives of its inhabidants. I found an agency/group that specifies in exactly this type recovery and for all those businesses in the region I think this will benefit you tremendously.


Housing Help

The United States Housing and Urban Development agency announced on Tuesday that it will be appropriating over $3 Billion to Mississippi residents whose homes were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. The grants are specifically designed to help those residents whose houses are located outside of the designated "federal flood plains." The federal flood plains are a federally protected area that gives aid to those that are constantly stricken and devasted by Mississippi flood waters. However, the impact of Hurricane Katrina has rendered hundreds and thousands of unexpected homeowners as destitute.

The $3 Billion Dollars of disbursed aid money will allow up to $150,000 to go to each home. Well, I'm not completely sure about the price of real estate in Mississippi, but I am sure that $150,000 is not enough to cover the expenses of uninsured, flood damaged homes. If this is the only financial relief awarded to those who were inflicted, I believe that more aid will be necessary to completely restore the lives of those who are living in the Mississippi valley.



I live in the Great State of Washington which is a very volatile place to call home. Mount Rainer and Mount Saint Helens are less than 50 miles from me. Washington is also bordered by the Pacific Ocean and is in constant threat of earthquakes. It is not a question of if but when a natural disaster strikes my region. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, which both can cause tsunamis and not to be takenly lightly one of the largest nuclear reactors at Hanford resides on the east side of the state. The potential for catastrophy in my region of residence is not something that I like to imagine. I don't want to start a jinks or any supersiticious non-sense like that, but I believe that it is better to be safe than sorry. If I were to become a victim of a natural disaster such as the scale of Katrina or Rita then I would hope that there would be an effective response and a caring effort to restore the state's beautiful ecosystems and that insurance companies would follow through with legitimate claims.

After reading this article posted by GoogleNews, I thought it would be an exellent eye-opener for all those who have the privelage of home insurance. My heart goes out to those people not recieving their claims checks in the Gulf Region due to stingy insurance companies and if something like this were to occur to me, I know that I would fight a legal battle tooth and nail with my insurance company. Read this article and see for yourself. What would you do?


Another Viral Outbreak

Another viral outbreak is a major concern for the response teams tasked with bringing the gulf region back to a stable and safe environment. With Health Service Centers not operating at full capacity, HIV affected people have little or no access to medication that suppresses their symptoms and prevents the virus from mutating into a untreatable state. I know that there is currently no cure for AIDS, but the most up to date medication can significanlty slow the viruses development. This is something that if goes untreated, can threaten lives outside of the gulf region. Just think if this mutated version of HIV becomems endemic, then it will destroy years of research and development by the medical communtiy and force the creation of new forms of medication that counters the symptoms of HIV and AIDS. This can really set us back. Check out the homepage for NO/AIDS Task Force, the agency charged with countering this potential endemic to find out how you can help.


West Nile Virus

I know that it has been well over a year since Hurricane Katrina ripped through the Gulf Coast, however, there are plenty of post hurricane problems that need to be attended to as quickly as possible. I found this article describing the prevalence of the West Nile Virus that currently plagues the region. It seems that the large amount of displaced water in the area has become a cesspool for mosquitos that carry the virus. What needs to be done? I provided a link to an article that is currently tasked by FEMA to counter the spread of the disease. However, they need funds for vaccines and personel. If you have time please read the article. It will open your eyes to the extent of the threat for the people trying to regain their lives.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Lost Loved Ones

I wanted to post this site for all those that have lost friends or family in the wake of Katrina. It is intended to help locate those that are still missing and may have a chance to be recovered. It is a branch of the American Red Cross.


Another Effective Organization

I recieved information on this site from Sandeep. After reviewing the page, I felt that it is a worthy and credible charity fund not only because it is headed by two former presidents who don't have to worry about their personal incomes anymore but also because the charity's funds are targeted at the devasted infrastructure of the gulf region. More specifically the water and sewer lines, housing contruction, schools and universities. I feel confident about the Bush-Clinton Katrina fund becuase I believe in the competency of its leaders. To access the site click on this link.


Help the Kids Out

I know that anybody who has any kind of common sense will be reluctant to donate to an organization without researching exactly where and how that organization will use your money. There were so many reports about charitable donation scams and misappropriating monies that it has hurt the reputations of genuine, honest charities. As I was researching which organizations would be the most effective, I came across this group which seems to be very credible. They were one of very few which describes, by percentage, how their donations are used. If your serious about donating to the gulf, especially if you want to help out some displaced, hungry and needy children, go to this link. The name is Save the Children USA. So far it is my favorite charity.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Hurricane Katrina Relief and Aid

The tragic effects of Hurricane Katrina and Rita along the Gulf Coast have left disturbing images in the news of people left destitute, homeless, mal-nourished and marginal. It is through the efforts of this blog to not only attract compassionate online users to donate, but also for an organized discussion on the events that shook the consience of our nation. In order to get the ball rolling for disaster relief on this blog I will begin by posting a link that will direct you to information on how, why and what you can donate in order to bring hope to those that have been injured by this natural disaster. Try this one out:


Hurrican Katrina Relief and Aid: Thank you and God Bless

Hurrican Katrina Relief and Aid: Thank you and God Bless

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Thank you and God Bless

Welcome and thank you for visiting my blog designed to attract those that are interested in donating aid and volunteering to relieve those that have been injured financially and physically by Hurricane Katrina. This blog provides links to numerous sites that will direct you, the concerned humanitarian, to the web pages of organizations that desperately need money, clothing, and a pair of helping hands.

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